Apple’s new Mac ads are embarrassing

So these were the three super special Apple Mac TV ads released for a super special event: London Olympics 2012. The Verge’s Sean Hollister has some nice words to say about the ads-

They all star a single actor who portrays an Apple Genius Bar employee, and stupidity appears to be the other unifying theme.

Bullseye, Sean. The ads are plain stupid, and nothing Apple like. Looks like someone at the top woke up a week before Olympics and decided to promote the software part of the Mac, rather than those amazingly crafted hardware. Should we blame the Ultrabooks which have slightly taken away the sheen from the exclusive looks of Macbooks?


Expect some heads to roll in the marketing team at Cupertino.

Update: Some arguments on twitter points to Apple aiming the ads towards common people. No company has ever won by showing common people as stupid fools.


Microsoft is repeatedly called Old-school for a variety of reasons. But their brand new ad for Microsoft Dynamics is anything, but old-school.

Keep kicking a$$ M$.


Google’s brand new Nexus 7 ad is named “Camping“, and I find it cute and beautiful. It perfectly shows all the important features of the tablet (including the flashlight)!

Love it!