Google Handwrite: A Cool New Feature Which You’ll Never Use

Google has just announced Handwrite for Mobile and Tablet Search. If you have watched the video above, I’m sure you’d said “Wow”. Yes, it’s an exciting and cool feature to have.

Handwriting recognition is not something new. But Google’s implementation is near flawless. In my 10 minutes of extensive testing (on my iPhone), it was fun and easy to get it to work. Apps like Writepad have managed to do this for a long time. But as always, Google brings in the cool feature for free.


But how often will I use it? Probably never after today. I can’t think of a handful real-world use-cases where I’d need to use this. Few I could think of:

1. Probably when I’m in middle of a bumpy ride on the outskirts of Bangalore? Even then I can use the Voice search feature (which works rather well with most accents).

2. While in a hospital or a meeting where I can’t talk aloud? Well, can’t understand what stops me from typing (or swyping) 😐

3. When I’m searching some non-English word like Mandarin or Hebrew or Korean? Well, definitely useful in this case. I’ve seen so many people in Hong Kong using handwriting recognition app like Writepad for simple things like Messaging & Facebook updates.

But for others? Useless.